Our son has had guitar lessons with Dave for several years and continues to look forward to each lesson. Over this time not only has he learned a great deal, he has enjoyed learning the guitar and with Dave's encouragement, found the confidence to perform publicly and expand into other instruments. Dave is great with kids and always seems to find the right thing to motivate when needed. Anyone would be lucky to have Dave as their music teacher.”

— Alison

When my son started guitar, it was difficult for him to pick up music because it was his first time taking music seriously. However, with Dave as his teacher, he was able to quickly get a hold of the guitar and take the first steps to becoming a musician. After years under Dave's teachings, my son has not only been able to grow and learn to play like his favourite musicians but has also been exposed to other diverse musical genres, growing his love for music and musical knowledge. He is now able to perform in bands with others and make new friends along the way with their shared tastes in music”

— Jimmy

I've had five or six guitar teachers in the last years: Professional teachers, Band-leaders, and a Hall of Fame professional Blues Musician. Dave Reynolds is the best of 'em! Although we do our lessons by Skype, he's been able to get me to that next level we all crave; not just playing in minor but riffing with the underlying chord structures, inventing creative rhythms, and on and on. He's also been able to get me going on music production programs, another difficult "instrument." And in every lesson we've laughed and had fun! "Mr. Random Jammer" is a damn good teacher and now friend. ”

— Rob