Welcome to the homepage of Melbourne  based guitarist and music producer Dave Reynolds. Here you will find information about me and my musical projects.

Recent News

This week has been a busy week producing new tracks for my RandomJammer Youtube Channel . RandomJammer provides musicians around the world with quality blues/jazz style jam tracks as a tool to fine tune improvising skills. I'm currently producing new tracks for my  YouTube 'InterJam' series. These videos  enable blues soloists to feel as though they are jamming with another player,  not just to another backing track. 

Latest Rock Track!

I do love rocking out! I recorded this recent track using my trusty 1992 Les Paul Standard thrown into Logic Pro X and some pumping Guitar Rig patches. 

Classic Guitar Solo's

When it comes down to it, Slash really knows how to lay down a tasty rock solo. No-one can play this exactly like Slash but I'm gonna give it my best shot!!